Cambridge Law Studio is considered to be one of the world’s most trusted and successful providers of education in legal English.The mission of Cambridge Law Studio is to provide the best possible level of educational support to international lawyers and law students who need to study English language and English law as part of their professional development

Courses Offered in Cambridge Law Studio

Legal English Plus a three week course
Total 63hrs with Max number of students 12, From 09.00 a.m.  to 15.00 p.m.
For less experienced international lawyers and law students

The course includes an intensive study of the following areas
Commercial Legal Vocabulary
The Terminology of Commercial Contracts
 Modern Contract Drafting
 Accurate letter writing skills
 Negotiating skills

 Company Law
 Presenting information and Legal Opinions
 Comparing Styles Legalese and plain English
 The requirements of leading law firms
Legal English Intensive a 1-week legal English course

Max 30 hrs with max student number of 6. From 09.00a.m. to 16.45p.m.

The course includes;

Vocabulary Crash Course
Accurate sentence structure in English
Comparing the legal English of UK and USA
Accurate prepositions and collocations in English
Accurate formation of questions and conditional sentences
Understanding modern idioms and correcting
 old problems 

Drafting Commercial Contracts in English  a 4-day course
Total class hours 24 with max number of 8 students. From 09.00a.m to-16.45p.m.

The training is designed to improve your skills in drafting contracts.It includes;
Cross-border contracts

Joint Ventures
Mergers and Acquisitions
Commercial negotiation role play
Purchase price,warranties and indemnities
Letters of Intetnt






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